Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It takes courage to break free from the chains of limiting belief patterns and societal conditioning that have traditionally kept women suppressed and unable to see their true beauty and power. Women, I encourage you to see and bring forth the beauty and strength within yourselves, to be inspired to be the best you can be, and to let your essence shine through. For those of you who are in challenging circumstances, the words here- can help you find some peace and some strength to begin to turn your life around.

The Change Starts With You.

You only need to take small steps at a time. And remember that you are not alone.
Regardless of our present or past circumstances, the important thing is.... everything that is happening or has happened is for a reason. In reality, there are no victims. We each have a different sad story to tell, there are thousands of them. But the common thread that runs through them all is that we have at some point lost our power, or it has been taken away from us, or we have just plain given it away.

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