Saturday, May 25, 2013


Values are so important because they fundamentally shape our relationships, our behaviors, our choices, and who we are. So, without knowing what our values are, it is actually impossible to create the lives we want because there is no foundation to build them on.

Many can't understand why they do not reach certain goals as they dream. Likewise, some reach goals yet still feel empty and unfilled. Why is that?

I believe it is because they have made goals based on outer appearances, what others what from them or what they think they want or should want for themselves. The goals in essence do not match with what the heart desires.

So much emphasis is placed on making goals and reaching them, but not too much is said about values. I suggest that if one's values are not determined and in place, making goals and achieving them will prove worthless. Goals that are achieved without a core foundation will leave you feeling empty every time because the goals and achievements are not in alignment with whom you really are.

It stands to reason then that if you determine your values first to help clarify and confirm what it is that is truly important in life. Then question of values if often overlooked, too, it seems such a huge and impossible question to answer. The word "value" is so easily and loosely used, but when I ask a client, "So what are your values?" they come up tongue-tied almost every time. In fact they do not fully understand what a value is. Values and goals often get mixed up too. It is true! Where does one start?

What do your values need to be for you to create the lifestyle of your choice?

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