Tuesday, July 30, 2013


WHY do we as women...put so much pressure, stress (whatever you want to label it) on ourselves???

Give yourself permission… to not beat yourself up!

Over thinking only complicates life. Think less, limit stress. Do not stress over things you cannot control or change.

I need to vent, cut loose. I'm always on my best behavior. I can’t remember the last time I did something silly or fun, laugh out loud…Sound familiar?

What does it mean to have fun? What does it mean to have a good time?

Too often we go through life on autopilot, going through the motions and having each day pass like the one before it. Going, going AND going!

That's fine, and comfortable, until you have gone through another year without having done anything, without having really lived life.

That's fine, until you have reached old age and look back on life with regrets.

That's fine; until you see your kids go off to college and realize that you missed their childhoods.

That's fine; until you look around and all the other people your age are "living life" and you're simply existing.

IT'S NOT FINE... If you want to truly live life, to really experience it, to enjoy it to the fullest, instead of barely scraping by and only living a life of existence, then you need to find ways to break free from the mold and CARPE DEIM! 

  • Be positive. Learn to recognize the negative thoughts you have. These are the self-doubts, the criticisms of others, the complaints, the reasons you can't do something. Then stop yourself when you have these thoughts, and replace them with positive thoughts. Solutions. You can do this!

  • Do nothing. There is value in doing nothing... as in reading, or taking a nap, or watching TV, or meditating. Doing nothing as in sitting there, doing nothing. Just learning to be still, in silence, to hear our inner voice, to be in tune with life. Do this daily if possible.

  •  Choose to align myself with people with raise me up and make me a BETTER person.

  • Be AWESOME. Stand out. Shout your message loud and clear. Rock peoples worlds. 

  •  Laugh till you cry. Laughing is one of the best ways to live. Tell jokes and laugh your head off. Watch an awesome comedy. Learn to laugh at anything. Roll on the ground laughing. You'll love it.

  • Be... Your own kind of Beautiful.

  • Be FEARLESSBeing fearless does not mean you don't have no fears. It means your strong enough to face them.

  • Do what you love. Share your passion. Live your brand message. Question the rules. Be badass. Be you.

  • Kick ass. Get serious about your business. Get unstuck. Be a leader. Earn what your worth. Rock your strategies.

  • Be in the moment. Instead of thinking about things you need to do, or things that have happened to you, or worrying or planning or regretting, think about what you are doing, right now. What is around you? What smells and sounds and sights and feelings are you experiencing? Learn to do this as much as possible through meditation, but also through bringing your focus back to the present as much as you can in everything you do.

It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself,   
to make your HAPPINESS a priority. 

It is necessary!



  1. what a great list to remember!

  2. i love this post - absolutely inclusive of everything! <3


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