Thursday, January 19, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Think about all that you have, and be thankful. Start a gratitude journal, and take a few moments each day to write down your thoughts. Find something to be grateful for, “such as your friends, family, and some aspect of your health.”

One of the things I have tried very hard to eliminate from my life is negativity. Negativity is nothing but toxic energy. This toxic energy can come in the form of toxic people, or energy whose only job is to suck and drain the life out of you; or toxic situations. When I find myself in one of these toxic environments, be it with people or circumstances, if I cannot turn the situation around, then I merely excuse myself and remove myself.

What you really want is to be surrounded by people you trust and treasure and people that cherish you.

Remember that smiles are contagious. A good spirit encourages everyone around you. Thinking positively gives you a sense of purpose and adds meaning to your life.

Live from the perspective that the universe is conspiring, right now, to bring you exactly what you want and need. Expect a miracle every day. Feel the joy of living in that knowledge or belief, and often do things or take actions to maintain that state of being for yourself.

Attitude is all about CHOICE!


  1. Great Post.. Very Motivating.. One thing I would like to add is: Never compare yourself with others. This also leads to negative attitude sometimes.

    Keep Posting..

    Take Care,

  2. Hello Ann, Thank you,I greatly appreciate your post! I couldn't agree more...well said.:)

    Cheers & Hugs!
    Chritine :)


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