Thursday, May 9, 2013

Be curious, not judgmental - Walt Whitman

EVERYONE has their OWN STORY. We have no right to judge people we don't know. For all you know this could be their last day on earth.

Come down from the self-righteous horse, that is cowardly led by ego, and let us humble ourselves, that's when we move into a state of grace of humanity, with self love, worth, belonging. 

 I walk this earth following in many other footsteps, merely one soul trying to have purpose. 

 I want to chat about JUDGEMENT. Judgement is abusive - not so much for whom it's directed toward, yet ones-self. It is in that space, we will discover our own. Unveiling our own lack of self worth, insecurities, and belonging (you can choose your own label.) 

Here's a thought… wouldn't life have much fulfillment if we had control of those reins. 

I had an AHA moment last night, watching American Idol and for some of you, you will resonate. It started off in tears and a heavy heart watching the 'Hometown visits', celebrating three remarkable women. 

Having, insight, makes us have feeling for humanity, more empathy, more compassion. Which, perhaps allows us to identify with our own struggles and pain. Why??? Why does it take this moment, where someone is totally exposed, striped down too bare soul, to have this discovery.

I hear... while not understanding, that people are a little uncomfortable with Nicki Minaj - not her as a person, but her style of HONESTY!! I personally think it is enlightening, refreshing, and encouraging to women. We, as women, need to stop redirecting negative energy to compensate for our own short comings.

I bet a lot of you said "WOW… Now that's a side a didn't see about her". 

Again, the question here, is why does someone have to be vulnerable, for you to have empathy!? If you listen…it says something about yourself!

Me, personally, I love Nicki (tad bit jealous of Kree... Lol). As a women, I love her strength and uniqueness. She radiates confidence and beauty.

We need to take a deep breath before judging and learn. What it is about you that seeks this judgement about someone else? Personally, I feel it stunts our growth, as a soul. As a women. 

You know, when Ellen ends her show, every time, by saying, BE KIND.

Think about what that means to you? This is a path I believe in.

Ask yourself; What kind of "role model" am I? 
How does this speak to my loved ones, my daughter(s), to our girlfriends? 

Isn't it bad enough… that we beat our own selves up, way too often. Do we need to project those issues on to others. We all have to battle our own demons and struggles.

Let's say for today... You give your-self permission to gain enough SELF worth and belonging, that you have something to give, not take away. 

OK! Stepping down from my soap box now. The bottom line is... judgement is a brutal force of energy- that no one needs to add to their walk of life. We all have our own battles to fight, why try to knock someone else down, when were barely standing ourselves.

Today, walk in steps of only nurturing your self, your soul. BE KIND. Have compassion. Open you heart!


  1. There's nothing more to add! I absolutely agree and am happy that another person is thinking in the same direction as I do. This world seems to exists of too many so called "judges" and what should I say - I don't care, this is my life! We should stay with us and not let others influence us in a way that would change our inner self.
    Thanks for that lovely and so true post!

    1. Thank you Miss Faith!! agree =) *love* you like-mindedness

      Have a lovely day
      Christine =)


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