Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Ten Commandments For Being A BEAUTIFUL Ageless Woman

 1. Thou shalt dare to be fabulous!
 2. Thou shall know that comparing thyself to other women is like comparing a lotus to a rose. 
3. Thou shalt seek out and find those role models of women who accept aging as their ally. 
4. Thou shalt know that an addiction to youth can only lead to disappointment. Detaching from it opens the pathway to self acceptance.
5. Thou shalt know that opening to thy dreams is the way to discover what the Universe has in store for thee. 
6. Thou shalt rise above society’s youthful ideal and know that wrinkles and lines add softness and depth of character. 
7. Thou shalt protect they beauty by allowing purpose and intimacy to be central in they life.
 8. Thou shalt know that looking great is wonderful but a rich inner life manifests outwardly as true grace and beauty.
 9. Thou shalt rejoice in uniting with Nature, allowing her to season thee with wisdom, insight and understanding. She teaches thee to accept a design far grander than any of thy dreams. 
10. Thou shalt keep going, going, and going...with a lightness of being. 

Trust the heart that has loved you all you life

-Ilene Cummings

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