Friday, August 1, 2014

Self-Love Fits All Sizes

By: Kate Krassowski, Regular Contributor

“Confidence is Beautiful. No matter your size. No matter your weight. Be confident in who you are and you’ll be beautiful” -Unknown
I’m tired of seeing more insecure women than confident ones. I’m tired of “you’re beautiful” being something that we need to work at to believe. And I’m tired of talking about issues like how annoying and unrealistic extensive Photoshop is because we should love who we already are. It should be normal to find a confident woman, but rare to find one who is insecure. Feeling beautiful should be a daily activity, not a “how to” lesson in the pages of a magazine. And we should be able to look at a movie poster or an eight- page spread and actually recognize the woman looking back at us. I’m fed up with hearing stories of women feeling anything less than amazing about who they are. A day without insecurity is a day to look forward to.
I don’t own a scale anymore. I don’t know what I weigh and I don’t care to. Yes, in some cases of daily health it’s necessary, but for me, I don’t need the stress of a number defining how I feel about myself. I think it’s important to eat well and to exercise daily, but I don’t feel like “healthy” has only one definition or one size. I spoke with a friend recently, and I was telling her how ridiculous it is that there is so much pressure to “fit in.” What are we really trying to fit into? A pair of jeans? A group of friends? I had an eating disorder in high school where at my lowest, sickest weight I still wore a size 5 in jeans. It is physically impossible for me to ever be anything less. So why do I still see images of women who are a zero, of photo shopped to a zero, as the norm? There are skinny women, fit women, tall women, fat women, but that adjective is irrelevant to who they are. Same goes for “plus” sized models. They are women. They are models. They don’t deserve to be categorized.
I know these will always be issues on some level, but my hope is that they becomes less and less irrelevant, that one day we will stand together and decide that enough is enough. Be confident, hold your head high, and LOVE who you are. And please don’t spend one second of your beautiful life worried about the number on a scale or on the tag of your clothes. Numbers don’t define you. Your heart defines you and your beauty shines from the inside out. Plus, life really is too short not to eat the cookie.
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Time to give arbitrary measurements and unrealistic beauty/body ideals the cold shoulder. Love YOU for you, on your own terms.
  • Say one nice thing about your SELF each day. Not about your gorgeous eyes, your perfect ankles, or your killer hair, but about YOU: you're a great friend, your laugh makes everyone smile wider, you crush it at chess, your smokin honesty and killer compassion. Self-love fits all sizes. Truth.

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