Saturday, April 18, 2015

Q: Women face numerous societal pressures. Is there a way to minimize the effect these attitudes may have on one’s self?

A: As women, we tend to not take care of ourselves, putting everyone else’s needs before our own. I am a big believer in you must love yourself first, before you can love another. Although peer-pressure may manifest negativity, conformity can be good or bad. We must trust ourselves to make choices that are in our best interest. “For many years I have been researching and experimenting, realizing that my belief system is what controls outcomes in my life. Is it a belief of a fact? Many of us take our beliefs and turn them into facts in our mind, and this can be the biggest issue in our lives and controlling outcomes. It is important to distinguish a belief from a fact.”

Every woman wears a ‘super cape’…don't forget to love your badass with all its ‘perfect imperfections.’

This is a perfect bedside book. The page numbers are irrelevant, there is no beginning and no end.  Read the bits YOU like...skip around with GRACE.  I ensure my words always come from a place of love.  It may give you the perspective, encouragement and support you need. 
Always remember, you're not alone! 


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