Christine Spencer

Founder of Girltimecoaching, LLC and Author of "Your Roots are Showing."

An empowered woman is courageous, she inspires, and encourages. Just trying to figure this life out...just like everyone else and all my perfect - imperfections.

 Who I AM
  • Christine is known for her optimistic outlook on life. A gypsy soul seeking “the next best thing” in any situation, driven by passion…a mom, wife, friend, author and certified life coach for women, she embraces her uniqueness, and shares that part of herself. 

    Prior to pursuing her goal of being a champion for women’s well-being, she was in the beauty and spa industry for many years. Also, dabbled in the grueling Corp world, for too long (for all the wrong reasons).

    Christine lives on the north coast of California (wine country) with her best friend, aka hubby. Her passions are traveling, cooking and sailing. She enjoys chic flicks and the fact “Beaches” can still make her cry after watching it 100 times. Adores SATC. Christine’s volunteering and love of animals are fulfilled by being a seal docent during pupping season. Now, in her fabulous fifties, experiencing everything life dishes out to her with a “big-girl spoon”, sprinkled with laughter, she revels in self-love and respect.

My role as a coach is just to; "BE"... BE the cheerleader in your corner, when you have been knocked-down. BE- there for support. BE- an encourager, reminder of all your greatness.  

Making a difference through our own experiences -  one is not weighted more than another, all is a message of value. I have met women in my life with so much to give, yet, they are the ones who have allowed themselves to be broken. 

Ladies, no more regrets, every day is a new opportunity...a chance to start over.

When facing some of life's wicked chaos, one of the most important things to remember is; how we recover! Loving ourselves through the process and taking responsibility of our lives is the most heroic things we can do.

Why 'girltime'? Girltime to me... is about 'Sisterhood' and the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences and courage. It is sharing a safe place without judgement. It is Girl Power. I assure you my intentions always come from a place of love.

Coaching is a process where the coach works with the client, mainly through purposeful dialogue - to empower and help facilitate self-discovery, self-awareness and healing. Coaching helps manage life's difficulties and transitions.


Excerpt from my book:  "Your RootsAre Showing" - Let's not continue to judge ourselves from a negative space; do not allow those inner voices from the past influence or define who you are. We ALL deserve to be celebrated!

“I look forward to connecting. Please feel free to email me: girltimecoaching@gmail.com

I write and contribute articles that have been featured in; Chic Galleria, Reuters, Chicago Sun, Women's Diet and Fitness and Family Disney.

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